Joe and his family are steadfast Trump supporters. As a conservative, Joe believes in an America-First agenda, maintaining America as-is and fighting against the progressive, liberal agenda that is pushing its way into Georgia.

As a Republican, Joe will stand for the conservative principles our state holds dear:

  • Protect Pro-Life Policies
  • Defend the Second Amendment
  • Support our Military
  • Lower Taxes
  • Stand Firm on Constitutional Law

Growing up in a farm family and within the farming community of Mitchell, Colquitt and Decatur Counties, Joe dedicated his career to agriculture.

He understands and truly believes that agriculture makes life better in Georgia. He will fully support and be a driving force to protect farmers, farm families and jobs in the ag industry that serve as the backbone of Southwest Georgia and support the entire state’s economy. He will be a trusted and well-educated voice for our way of life.

Joe has a heart for the needs and priorities of our education system.

Joe’s wife, Deborah spent her career as a teacher, with 23 consecutive years at Mitchell County Primary School. He is well-versed in the needs and challenges that Southwest Georgia schools face and believes there should be more common sense in our education policies. He will stand up and protect the priorities of our teachers and administrators. This means keeping government out of the way when it comes to the basic foundation of what works in the classroom.

Joe also believes we need to increase the availability and promotion of technical schools, helping our children and families avoid spending a fortune on college when there are alternative paths to great success. Having been involved in the technical school community, and serving on the Southern Regional Technical College Foundation, he understands that we need a whole workforce of people right here at home who make things and fix things. A large number of technical school students have jobs before graduation and Joe wants to generate better support for this educational path.

Spending 40 years in an agriculture career, Joe knows that the stability and longevity of our ag economy is the biggest concern in South Georgia.

As a successful businessman, he understands how agriculture drives the economy across our state and will be a leader who educates and informs our legislature about our economic priorities. He also appreciates the value that our small, local businesses create for our quality of life here in Mitchell, Colquitt and Decatur counties.

It is critical that we hold up our conservative values, keep taxes low, reduce unnecessary regulations and enable our local employers to grow and thrive creating more job opportunities for our community.

Joe will pursue healthcare policies that protect rural Georgians, lower costs, and leverages the conservative approach to get government out of the way of the doctor-patient relationship.
He will work to become an advocate for what is best for our district, addressing the unique challenges we face here in rural, Southwest Georgia. Joe will be the voice that speaks for solutions in our regional system, for our hospitals, and for improving access to quality healthcare.

Joe supports President Trump’s focus on securing our borders and the enforcement of legal immigration.

Our community has a tremendous value for the dedication and hard work that immigrants contribute to our country, our state and our local economy. We need the door to America to be open to all who want to be Americans, who value America as it is, and who are willing to follow the rules to enter our country legally.

That said, Joe understands the positive role that legal immigration and visa programs play for farmers with specific production and time-sensitive operational needs.