Joe has a heart for the needs and priorities of our education system.

Joe’s wife, Deborah spent her career as a teacher, with 23 consecutive years at Mitchell County Primary School. He is well-versed in the needs and challenges that Southwest Georgia schools face and believes there should be more common sense in our education policies. He will stand up and protect the priorities of our teachers and administrators. This means keeping government out of the way when it comes to the basic foundation of what works in the classroom.

Joe also believes we need to increase the availability and promotion of technical schools, helping our children and families avoid spending a fortune on college when there are alternative paths to great success. Having been involved in the technical school community, and serving on the Southern Regional Technical College Foundation, he understands that we need a whole workforce of people right here at home who make things and fix things. A large number of technical school students have jobs before graduation and Joe wants to generate better support for this educational path.